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Autor Thema: No More Cheaters On World Records !
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Erstellt am 12. Januar 2005 17:54 (#1) Zitat HP E-Mail PN
Our team will not participate any more on GTO in a games like NFS, cuz under requests since May Admin GTO has not wanted to clear records NFSU or to continue develop Police GTO in communication with these our team have developed the client-server system similar to system mr. A Sac's in HP2




The "NFSU2: World Records" project was created in order to collect best results from "Need For Speed: Underground 2". It is an independent and non-commercial project, we do not have any connections with Electronic Arts company.

To take part in NFSU2: WR project, you need to register on this site and follow the Rules. You can register your team as well, but it must have its own homepage with list of active members. Team registrations will be accepted manually by Project Supervisor in next few days. It is not required to be a part of a team in order to participate in this project.

Your results will be collected automatcally when you install our software WR Client. Results are accepted from six game modes: Circuit, Sprint, Drag, Street X, Underground Racing League and Drift. For Drift mode a result is sum of points for first lap. For Circuit, Street X and URL modes a result is minimal lap time (any lap). For Sprint and Drag modes a result is finish time.

Mandatory game settings:
1. Any unique updates which are not enabled in Quick Race on a regular stock car, are not allowed to use.
2. All records must be set in Quick Race mode.
3. Traffic and computer opponents must be turned off.

All other settings you can set as you want.

When you send a record, following additional information will be sent and published on the site for public view:
1. Car name.
2. Top speed.
3. Transmission (manual or automatic).
4. Stability status.
5. Difficulty level.

Points System.

If your record will be in the top-40 of any track, you will get points. For 1st place you get 100 points, for 40th place - 1 point. Those, who have results on all tracks of one type of race, are automatically participating in overall records. For being in the top-40 in overall records, you get triple points, i.e. 300 points for 1st place, 3 points for 40th place.

There are 231150 points and 567 tropheys which are distributed among best players. One player can get up to 20100 points, i.e. 6500 for Circuit, 4900 for Sprint, 2300 for Drag, 1900 for StreetX, 2500 for URL, 2000 for Drift.

Punishment for cheating.

If you try to send record for someone else or use wrong game settings, you will get a warning. For using any cheats/trainers or for hacking attempt you will be banned without any warnings. When you are baned, all your results will be temporary removed from the site for couple of days. After that all results will be deleted but ban will not be turned off. So, you will not be able to take part in this project any more. Registration of new account will not help - you still will not be able to send results (we don't like cheaters here ). Sending a wrong result because of game or software bag will be also considered as cheat. If you were banned by mistake and you HAVE real proofs of innocence, you can contact us and explain your situation. It is highly recommended to make high-quality screens of all you records, especially if you set world record. But screens are not 100%-proof.

All dates on this site are in GMT (+0:00) time zone. Speed is in km/h.

Good luck!

BTW I sow Mario U here ;)
Who said ?

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Erstellt am 12. Januar 2005 22:30 (#2) Zitat HP E-Mail PN
Hello xV_VMad:hallo:

good job uploading 2 records and ...dang... by my 3 records the server was down.i think my first 2 records was too fast for the server :haha:.

...manchmal verliert man und mal gewinnen die anderen.
...sometimes one loses and sometimes wins the others.

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Erstellt am 13. Januar 2005 10:04 (#3) Zitat HP E-Mail PN
he he :rock:

Nice to meet U again in NFSU :)

Btw on Lower nice result :)

q: Who said U about this project ?