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Autor Thema: email an EA
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Erstellt am 15. Januar 2005 15:47 (#1) Zitat E-Mail PN
EA hat gefragt warum
so wenig leute nfsu2 online spielen
wo die fehler im multiplayer sind usw

fijurn hat die mail an EA geschickt :top:

: negative things
The complete new online lobby. You don't see much games because of these filters. you have to turn off all filters
so you can see all created games. Another point is that you should see before join a game how much laps are to
drive etc. . Some more game properties before joining is good.
Lobby in nfsu1 was good.

After the race you have to SAVE replay and not just watch to it. Saving replays and trading them is in other games
very famous! In addition to this you have to see the race stats after an online race (all lap times, opponent lap
times etc.). Really interesting

For league players a disconnect is very important. so you should see which player has disconnect. it would be the
best when you see it in the replay.

Why I can't race online with my career car in ranked mode. Why I can't tune my career car online, only in the
career mode sucks.

The EA disqualification system works mad too. Some players only get disqualified but they don't cheat. They have
only high graphic details or press the NOS button too long (for more than a short burst).
This system has to be patch!!!

Why the Corolla is the best car on circuit/sprint & URL and 240SX for Drag. The detail tuning doesn't work you
can't get another car as fast as the corolla with the same setup.
Corolla is overpowered!

But in the tuning menu there a lot of bugs.
But you want only facts to online mode ;)

When you drive at spoiler camera and collision is off the camera view will change as soon you are near to an
opponent. this is very stressing. why not do the opponent for this time invisible that you can drive without view

bring back NFS:HS online mode ! 100x better

:: things from other games which are very good.
spectator mode - why not watch a great race like in TV?