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Autor Thema: EA Outlaws are Back!
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EA Outlaws
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Erstellt am 05. September 2013 12:23 (#1) Zitat HP E-Mail PN
Hello all!

Yes we are back online, we do have some work to do to make our home up to date, we have old data, but we are back we are alive and this will stay like that.
Brothers and Sisters, Cowboys and Cowgirls, Friends and Guests please come back home, we are waiting for you, we need you.
We build new future for EAO, we continue our history of fun/glory/gaming/friendship of EAO, but we cant do it without you all.
This is it, time has come to get back home and start doing what we have always done in many years.
Spread the word let all the world hear EAO is back.
Let them hear LIGHTING FAST RACERS are back online, do you feel lucky? Do you?
We have 2008 data on our forums at the moment but we are working to get it up to date, all EAO`s that have registered after that time, no worry's, send me e-mail with your information and I will be happy to assist you!
All Friends and Guests of EAO forums, if you have registered after 2008, register again or send me e-mail and we will sort it out for you.

Welcome back all

Welcome Home !!!

Best Regards!