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Autor Thema: Hilfe: need info please
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Mitglied seit: Februar 2007

Erstellt am 24. Februar 2007 01:34 (#1) Zitat E-Mail PN
hi everyone, excuse my english as my german is not as good as it once was :P

looking for anyone living in or near schweinfurt germany, in particular i am looking for a record that i bought while i was in germany in 1985, the band is native to schweinfurt.
here is the name, sorry if their name is offensive in any way shape or form..Bloody Climax..album--Back to the Wall.

the band broke up and 1 member the guitarist went on to a band called ---Vendetta..

i am enclosing links to both bands so you can see the al the info i have.

it may not be the best music to everyone but it sure would be nice to have this would bring back a lot of happy memories that i had while i was in germany.

i actually met the drummer one Thomas Kramer after i show where Bloody Climax opened up for another band called Railway.Thomas was a very nice guy.i lost the album in question many years ago.

here is my e-mail addy in case anyone has any info

i check my mail many times a day and i will answer any mails sent. here's hoping someone knows something.thanks in advance.

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Erstellt am 02. März 2007 13:42 (#2) Zitat E-Mail PN
Although I don't live near Schweinfurt and don't know the band. I will ask around and if I hear something I will inform you about it.

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ID # 234

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Mitglied seit: Februar 2007

Erstellt am 03. März 2007 07:18 (#3) Zitat E-Mail PN
and i thank you very much for your effort.thanks for going out of your way for me.very nice of you : )