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Autor Thema: silicone doll
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A silicone doll will look and have skin that feels exactly the way a person does. With this doll however you do not need to worry about being heart-broken or contracting STIs. A silicone doll will be a faithful friend who will always be there to listen and do as you wish. When you choose the doll to be your sex partner, you can be sure that you will get absolute faithfulness and you will be able to do whatever you want with it. There are no limits to how creative you can get and the number of times you can enjoy sex with the doll.

You can choose the doll to be exactly how you want it to be. They can and are easily customized to suit your preferences. From the color of the skin to the facial features to the clothes they wear. If you are a person who likes to dictate what your partner will wear then you will like these dolls. They never object.

Dada is a nicely made doll with moving limbs and beautiful features. Angel?s skin is super soft silicone,hands and feet are manicured nails on hands and feet with wires in hands for flexibility,with full metal skeleton.she is made from hi grade silicone.
She is awesome, you will not be disappointed!

Skin material: silicone
Internal structure: metal skeleton
Bust/waist/hip: 86cm*55cm*85cm
Weight: 34kg
Height: 165cm (5?5?)
Opening: vagina, anal, oral
Vagina depth: 18cm
anal depths: 17cm
Oral depth: 13cm
Feet length: 21cm
Most polyester products are likely to cause hyperactivity for the allergic, due to presence of allergens in the fabric. For silicone sex dolls, the fabric has reduced levels of these allergens that make it convenient for all individual who require adult sex dolls.