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Autor Thema: NFSU: Team Series
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Erstellt am 22. Juli 2004 17:15 (#1) Zitat HP E-Mail PN
I've been thinking on this one for about 5 days.

Creating a tournament that where many teams will get to know each other better and encompass and entire NFSU Community. And not to mention to see what teams have really got out their. Each team is playing for only itself, and competing against all the other teams that enlist. Not individually. In this setup of at LEAST 3 players for each team, there will only be 6 races of 6 laps.

In addition to the number of players their will be a one on one match meaning one player vs another in each game. making only 2 players total in a match. This was done for lag purposes and for reduced collisions.

These tournaments will be held on Friday OR Saturday OR Sunday between 3-4pm (GMT-5) may change depending on where the teams are at. If their are two mostly European teams. The time can be made to accomodate their schedules. and the results may be e-mailed to me.

Each week, a team will face a new opponent for example.
ger vs. w.p week 1
ger vs. eao week 2
ger vs. p2m week 3
ger vs. soc week 4
ger etc. week 5

We will cover ALL of the forward circuits in this tournament. No reverse.

Scoring is simple.

3 points for 1st
1 point for 2nd
( so in a game of 6 races the best score a team can get is 12 points, and the worst is 6 points) thats for just 1 weekend.

Disconnections in the first lap of each race are permissible. Any disconnections occuring after that will result in an automatic score of 1 point for that particular race (UNLESS the opposing individual is willing to start the match over). That will also apply for for intentional crashes keep it clean folks. This ain't a crash n' bash lol

If you have ANY questions what so ever please feel free to e-mail me at the provided address below
I would like for all teams that would like to participate in this send me an e-mail at

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Erstellt am 26. Juli 2004 17:54 (#2) Zitat HP E-Mail PN
sounds like good. :top:

However, at the moment I cannot say yet whether we participate in it.
We still wait for the participation confirmation of some members. :rolleyes:

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