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Autor Thema: USSR NFS:U CUP
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Beitr├Ąge: 19
Mitglied seit: April 2004

Erstellt am 28. April 2004 15:22 (#1) Zitat HP E-Mail PN
Hi to all ! Guys we start cup of NFSU !

Invitation to first online USSR NFSU CUP

Our USSR team has founded NFSU tourney series. Tourneys will be played each weekend and will cover all race modes -
Circuit, Drag, Sprint and Drift. First series will be just in this weekend!

Saturday, 1 May, 18:00 - Drag tourney at Vine Construction
Saturday, 1 May, 20:00 - Circuit tourney at Olympic Square
Sunday, 2 May, 18:00 - Sprint tourney at Liberty Gardens
Sunday, 2 May, 20:00 - Drift tourney at Drift Track 1

(All time in GMT. Sign ups for tourney accepted during 2 hours before tourney start)

Detailed information about Cup's Rules and tourney places can be found on Cup's site:

Everybody, who are serious about racing and don't afraid of fair competition with strong opponents - are welcome!

See you at Tourney!