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Autor Thema: hi all

Erstellt am 02. März 2006 23:15 (#1) Zitat
hi all wondering if GER BERSERKER is 1 of your members? was racing demo of rd3 and doing pretty good and having fun,was in berserkers pit and kicking some butt till after 1 and only fender bender he booted me from room. if he is a member i think he needs to lrarn a little patience and sportsmanship, like the rest of team GER that i have allways enjoyed racing with.
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Erstellt am 03. März 2006 03:29 (#2) Zitat E-Mail PN
hi Gaw this is not Team GER member i think you know all team GER members what is aktiv
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Erstellt am 03. März 2006 22:19 (#3) Zitat E-Mail PN
Welcome here GAW. GER BERSERKER is not a GER member like Dirk says too. Should a GER member behave so then he would be no longer a member of our clan.

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Erstellt am 04. März 2006 17:36 (#4) Zitat
I didnt think thr name was familiar.Guess I am getting grumpy in my old age compplaining about things you see everytime in online play. But its good to hear from old freinds again. :cheers: Havent been racing online because i am recuperating from surgery and have to do aLL my racing left handed,but will be back eventually.